Three Brothers-In-Law Return to the Cleveland Art Scene with “Relate/Relative/Relativity”

Creativity runs deep in this extended family.  Article Gallery brings the return of two artists Steven Lewis and Craig Main, to the Cleveland art scene.  Joining them is local artist and director of the Waterloo’s Article Gallery and studios, Louis Ross.

Lewis, Main and Ross are brothers-in-law, related by marriage.  All three are recently retired  and enjoying the renewed pursuit of their mature vision and art.

Craig Main is a graphic artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  His recent work “Lake Superior Vistas” are digitally recreated recollections of his early life on the Great Lakes.                       “They are a vivid expression of a moment in time … I am trying to put the viewer at the place and moment of the vision, even to the point of being in the water or among the leaves.”

Steven Lewis is a photographer and arts educator based in Santa Maria, California who has also found inspiration around the Great Lakes.  “Intersections by the Waters’ Edge” is a series of photographs exploring the roads, woods, beaches and cottages around Door County, Wisconsin.  “I am patient and observant to see things as they slowly reveal themselves, encouraging the viewer to look more carefully at the fleeting world around us.”

 Louis Rossis an artist and designer here in Cleveland’s North Shore Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District.  “Books, Boxes and Bric-A-Brac” are recent assemblages of literary objects and the visual library they project. “Words and names attach verbal meaning to things.   How we organize visual images into ideas is what I hope the viewer can explore within these boxes.”

“Relate/Relative/Relativity” opens at Article Gallery Friday, October 7, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM during Walk All Over Waterloo and runsthrough October.  Call 440-655-6954 for gallery hours and appointments.

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