St. Jerome School

During the last month of school, teachers and students have been very busy trying to tie up the end of the school year.  Communication with our parents and students has been critical throughout these last two months.  Teachers were able to stay in communication daily with their students and parents using Google Classroom, Zoom, ClassDojo and Email for instruction and updates.  Students also received a card in the mail from their teacher.  Many students really enjoyed getting their individual note which made them feel special and missed.  Preschool and Kindergarten had an awesome virtual graduation. Eighth grade graduation will be taking place in June in our school parking lot where students will be given a certificate.

Also, during this time of quarantine, St. Jerome students and their families are limited in their options for travel. While many people are spending more time than usual inside their homes, it is still important to stay active! St. Jerome students have been encouraged to get up and move throughout the day, to keep their bodies and brains actively working and healthy. Ms. Katlyn Spahar, our Physical Education Teacher, planned several activities for students Kindergarten-8th Grade. Students Kindergarten-4th Grade were given options to choose from that included: taking a hike, racing with your family, invent a new game, and to eat 10 vegetables! Ms. Katlyn also joined several Zoom or Google Meet Virtual classes leading the students through pushups, sprints in place, and other exercises. For the older grades 5-8, students were asked to write about what they think it means to be physically fit and to come up with a physical fitness plan and implement it.

This experience has made our teachers, students and parents stronger and has brought our St. Jerome community together.

Mrs. Hughes and Ms. Pastrick 

Kathy Hughes

Kathy Hughes, a fourth grade teacher at St. Jerome School.

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Volume 12, Issue 6, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.07.2020