Waterloo Arts Fest 2009

Photos taken around the Waterloo Arts Fest, 2009. It was another great event in a district that really has its act together!

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  • It was the launch of The Collinwood Observer, and the response was overwhelming. Most well recieved launch of an Observer yet!
  • Wareloo 7 Galleries were packed with music, artists, all sorts of stuff.
  • Wareloo 7 Galleries.
  • A nice touch.
  • Cindy Barber of The Beachland Ballroom, waves at a balloon statue.
  • Councilman Mike Polensek with Miles from ArtsCollinwood.
  • Cindy Barber congratulates Miles on another wonderful show.
  • I was there early, but the crowd as pretty good even at the opening.
  • Art cars were everywhere.
  • The world famous Beachland Ballroom.
  • Not that is special.
  • real special
  • real, real special
  • Waterloo Arts District
  • Ivor stands next to the wayfinding sign in front of the Waterloo Cafe. The Waterloo Cafe is owned by Frank, who used to own Manja in Lakewood.
  • As I was getting ready to leave it really started to fill up.
  • Our good friends from Northeast Shores.
  • Curtiss Thompson the II had a table there.
  • Well time to go, or at least that is what it seemed the big blue meanies were saying!
  • A new restaurant opening soon! The Blitz BBQ.
  • Mike Polensek spent a great deal of time there and working the booth.
  • One last syop at the Collinwood Observer booth. Oh well filled again, maybe next year.
  • I really was not afraid! Just a little put off, by their attraction to me. Really. What a wonderful day in Collinwood. Thanks to all that put on this marvelous affair, especially Arts Collinwood, Mike Polensek, and all of the stores on Waterloo.
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