The Difference Between the North and the South

Collinwood and Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) 216-383-9772

NorthEast Shores Development Corporation (NEShores) 216-481-7660

Ever wonder who we are and if there is a difference between the North and the South?

Maybe you have heard our names and maybe you have not. If you are a homeowner and/or business within Ward 11, then you should have heard of at least one of us. Running east and west almost through the exact middle of Ward 11, I90 separates Ward 11 into the North and South areas. The neighborhoods are not at odds with each other as in the Civil War period, but rather we try to work together for the betterment of Ward 11.

Needing extensions into the neighborhoods that surround downtown Cleveland, the City of Cleveland developed Community Development Corporations (CDC's) to assist with programs originating from the City and other sources. CDC's work to address critical issues within their service areas. We deal with residential, as well as commercial and industrial concerns. We are not at odds with each other, but rather work in conjunction with the Councilman for the area (Ward 11 Councilman Michael D.Polensek) and the City of Cleveland. If you call one of us and you are in the service area of the other, you will be given the correct information to put you in touch with the right individual to address your concern.

CDC's are the ones behind the scenes that push a project to fulfillment. We are the ones that assist in getting the boarded up houses in your neighborhoods either razed or redeveloped. CDC's are the ones that assist in the planning for that much needed grocery or drug store in the neighborhood. We are the ones that get new construction of market rate housing as well as commercial and industrial projects off the ground to bring more jobs into the area. CDC's are the ones that go to bat for the residents in the neighborhood when it comes to the issues of whether or not a school and/or church should be closed, rebuilt, or razed. We are the ones that can assist you in getting exterior paint or give you information on low cost loans and/or assistance to renovate your home or bring it to compliance. CDC's are an information source for a variety of issues relating to home ownership as well as foreclosure and safety issues.

So whether you call CNVDC (216-383-9772) or NEShores (216-481-7660) for a problem that you have, rest assured that your issue will be addressed in a professional manner. We will work with you and try to resolve your concern(s). We are the eyes and ears of the neighborhoods you live and work in. We work in close contact with the Fifth District Police Department and Councilman Polensek. Call us sometime and see what we have to offer.

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Volume 1, Issue 5, Posted 10:20 AM, 11.19.2009