Fall Safety & Homeowner Tips

Helpful Fall Tips

  1. As you know it is getting dark out earlier and earlier. This makes it even more important to have working street lights.  Please notify Cleveland Public Power of nonworking street lights by calling 216-621-lite (621-5483).
  2. Let’s get the chuck holes in South Collinwood taken care of before winter.  Report chuck holes to the City of Cleveland at 216-664-2150.
  3. Be sure to clear leaves from storm drains and manhole covers.  Leaves can clog storm drains causing storm water to flood streets and basements.
  4. “Nosy” neighbors help create good neighborhoods. 
  • Look out for your neighbors.  If you see something that does not “look or feel right”, call the Police at 216-621-1234. 
  • If you notice that a home has been recently vacated, please notify Mike Troha at 216-383-9772.
  • If you see any unusual activity at a vacant home, call the Police then let Mike Troha know (216-383-9772).

Get involved! 

  • The Collinwood Homeowners & Tenants Association meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at St. Mary’s cafeteria. They welcome all Collinwood residents to attend.
  • For information on joining or creating a block watch or to schedule a free home safety audit, call Greg Pollard at 216-383-9772 or e-mail him at gp@cnvdc.org. Greg is the Safety Coordinator for Ward 11.
  • Nottingham Civic Club meets the third Tuesday of every month. 7 p.m., Nottingham United Methodist Church, 18316 St. Clair Ave.
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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 5:00 AM, 10.01.2010