Open letter from RTA passenger: Your driver could have killed me

This is an open letter to the RTA. On Thursday June 24th, I was almost seriously injured riding the Westbound Healthline Bus #2914 that arrived at Public Square at 3:36 pm. I wanted the stop near East 6th street. The bus was standing-room only, as usual. I have a disability and trouble walking. I can NOT walk on a moving bus. I had to wait until the bus stopped before I could make my way to the rear exit.

As I was attempting to step across the 12 inch gap, between the bus and the platform, the doors started closing on me. Luckily I was able to get back in the bus! If my foot had slipped and my leg was trapped in the opening, I could have been killed!

I yelled at the bus driver across the standing crowd of people, "Hey! You slammed the door on me! I wanted this stop!  Didn't you see me getting off the bus?"

A woman standing next to me said, "He can't hear you, he can't see you either! With all the money these buses cost, you would expect better from them."

When I got off at the next stop, I went up to the outside window of the driver. The window was closed, so I shouted through the glass,"You almost killed me back there, didn't you see me trying to get off the bus?" He opened the window and rolled his eyes at me.  I told him I was going to report this incident.

So here it is.

Every day I fear I will be injured getting on and off the Healthline. I dread riding those buses!

Could the RTA please reply and let me know if their drivers can see if there are passengers getting on and off in the back of the bus? And why the bus stops more than twelve inches from the platform? And what will happen in the winter when there is ice and the floors are wet?

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 5:42 PM, 06.27.2010