Don't forget South Collinwood

     It is wonderful to hear all the great news about the revitalization of the Waterloo, E. 185th Street, and Lakeshore neighborhoods. I am happy to see the residents of Collinwood taking such an active role in drawing people to the area, and making it an enjoyable place to live, eat and have fun. However, it seems that people forget that Collinwood does not end at the train tracks, there is still half of the neighborhood south of the CSX terminal. And for the those folks that are aware of South Collinwood, there is more to our humble half than Holy Redeemer, Mirable's and the high school. Please don't take this article the wrong way because as a person from Collinwood, I view success anywhere as a success everywhere. It would just be nice to see all the effort being put into North Collinwood, equally implemented in South Collinwood. It seems there is an endless supply of Community groups (I.e. Northeast Shores, Collinwood-Nottingham, Euclid Beach, Lasalle Marquee) that have done a wonderful job to restore great neighborhoods to their former glory and then some. My challenge to the people of South Collinwood, business owners and residents alike, myself included, get together to see what we can do to get back on par with the northern half of our community. We need to take a hands on approach because neighborhoods do not revitalize themselves, but I'm willing to put in the time and energy if you are. So people that are serious about coming up with ideas and willing to meet and discuss them please feel free to contact me at


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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 1:25 PM, 07.27.2010