2011 Paint Program

2011 Paint Voucher Program kicking off in April

Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC) anticipates taking applications for the 2011 Cleveland Paint Voucher Program by April 1, 2011. Eligible applicants may receive vouchers for up to $400 in free paint and supplies. 

To Qualify:

  • Must be a low or moderate-income family (call for income guidelines).
  • The applicant may be the owner or tenant, however, he/she must reside in the South Collinwood house being painted. If the applicant is a tenant, he/she must get signed permission from the owner to participate in the program.
  • Must receive Lead Safe Work Practice instructions at the time of application.

To Apply:

  1.  Get an application by calling CNVDC at 216-383-9772.
  2. Complete the application and submit ALL required documentation by August 1, 2011. Painting must be done within 30 days of application approval.
  3. Required documentation: proof of ownership, proof of income, etc. Call 216-383-9772 for details.
  4. $60 refundable deposit due upon admission to the program. The $60 will be refunded to you upon passing the final inspection of the paint job and clean-up by a City of Cleveland Lead Assessor.

Please note that assistance covers paint and supplies only. You will be responsible for the labor involved to paint your home, once approved.

Your house must be in good repair to qualify for the paint program. If you have other housing repair needs, call CNVDC or go online at www.cnvdc.org for information on other housing assistance programs available to Cleveland homeowners.

Jayme Lucas is the Development Manager at Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation.

Jayme Lucas

Development Manager at Collinwood & Nottingham Villages Development Corporation

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