“If You Build It, He Will Come!” II

Hello Collinwood Family,

Last month’s article, while touching on the amazing beauty and tranquil simplicity of our neighborhood and the progressive improvements rising up all around us also focused on the need to address the seasonal issue of weed control and prevention.  By the way, did you know that Collinwood was “annexed by the city of Cleveland in 1910? Originally part of Euclid Township, Collinwood grew around the rail yards of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway and that Collinwood became the home of several European ethnic groups along with Southern Appalachians. Later in the 1960s an influx of African Americans also formed a community in Collinwood. South Collinwood was known as "Italian Village" with a population of Italian descendants greater than that of Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood. Central Collinwood was mostly Slovenian, Croatian, German, Polish and some Russians. West Collinwood was mostly Southern Appalachians. North Collinwood was a mixture of all groups including Catholic Irish.”[1]

And today, Collinwood still retains a rich tapestry of diversity not only within the human sphere but also in the varying designs of our quaint homes.  From Bungalows to Ranch Style, from Apartment Housing to Two Family Structures, from brick to wood to aluminum siding and everything in between our community displays an “old world” charm that cannot be found in newer developments half our size.  With this in mind doesn’t it behoove us to do ourselves proud by being “neighborly” and watching out for one another’s welfare? 

One of the best ways to do this is by picking up and disposing of trash that can be seen in and around our property and the property of our neighbors as well.  Paper and or plastic are only good for groceries and not our lawn or the lawn of another.  A great man once said: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” (capitalization mine for emphasis) Owning my first home within the Collinwood community has taught me this valuable lesson.  In fact, I have found that what “life” might “throw” my neighbors way, particularly those immediately to the right and left, front and behind effects me both spiritually as well as physically.  So have a heart Collinwood Community and look out for your neighbors even by lending a helping hand with their trash.  You will be better for it in the end, even if they don’t notice or give you A Thank You.  But if they don’t I will give you a great big THANK YOU right now!  And more importantly, Someone who is even greater than me “whose sandals I am not worthy to carry” [2] will notice and reward accordingly.


Collinwood is in the recycling business.  You can drop off your plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass “trash” at two convenient locations within our community boundaries thus contributing to a “Cleaner and Greener Cleveland.”  They are:

The Memorial/Nottingham Library located at 17109 Lakeshore Boulevard and The Collinwood Library located at 856 East 152nd. Street.  Just look for the green and yellow bins.  For more information on The City Of Cleveland Recycling just check out this website link found at: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/clnd_images/Waste/Recycling_Guide.pdf

Until Next Time Happy Planting Collinwood Family.


Reverend Damon P. Dillard


[1] Wikipedia, Collinwood

[2] New King James Version, Matthew 3:11

Damon Dillard

My name is Reverend Damon P. Dillard and my wife and I have been Collinwood residents for the past 9 plus years. Our tenth year anniversary in this wonderful community will begin this coming January. Our home is located on Whitcomb Avenue where we also have a Christian Congregation.  By the way, the article submitted is the second one that I have had the privilege of adding to this illustrious paper.  The first one entitled "If You Build It, He Will Come!" appeared in the June 2011 issue.

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