Oil Leak on Pavement

The next time it rains, look down at your driveway or the nearest parking lot. See any colorful “oil rainbows” slicked across the pavement?  It’s a sign that someone’s car is leaking fluid.

These fluid leaks are composed of highly toxic materials, such as antifreeze, motor oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid.  When the toxics enter the storm drain system or leach into the soil, surface and groundwater supplies are contaminated. And that means your drinking water supplies are put at risk.

You rely on your car for safe, convenient transportation.

Why not treat it right and protect water quality at the same time?

  • Repair auto fluid leaks right away.  Use a drip pan to catch leaks if repairs are delayed.
  • Collect and dispose of fluids from routine maintenance properly.
  • Keep your car properly tuned.
  • Clean up any spills with kitty litter or absorbent material.  Dispose of cleanup as hazardous waste.  Contact your city service department for local household hazardous waste collection information as some residents can already dispose of household hazardous waste year-round at their service department. 

Claire Posius

Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator, Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:48 PM, 09.15.2011