Ward 11 has many schools, many different opportunities for an education of our children in the community. Our goal is always to try to keep them safe.  One way to do this is by providing schol guards at the busy intersections to help our students move to and from their school environment.

We have several positions now open in the community where a School Guard would be quite beneficial.  If you are interested in helping to fill these posts please feel free to contact the Councilman's office at (216) 664-4236. If you are a reliable, on- time and responsible adult who can work well with children, mobile enough to be able to cross the students at busy intersections, and can act as the community eyes and ears for any additional needs of these students, then you may qualify to become a School Guard in the Ward 11 community. We also prefer that you are a resident of the Ward.

School Guards are paid employees of the City of Cleveland and eligible for health insurance. Prosepctive guards are asked to call the Councilman's office so that we can begin the process of getting you tested and trained to get out to yourt post as soon as possible, especially since school has already begun. 

Mary Louise Jesek Daley

Lifelong resident of Collinwood community. I am the Councilmanic Aide to Councilman Michael D. Polensek, Ward 11 councilman. I am also an historian for the Collinwood / Nottingham community as well as the American Rev War and Civil War.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:46 PM, 09.15.2011