40 Foot Container Becomes Home for Haitians

In late Octoer, 2009 the Aspinwall Church of God Mountain Assembly sent a 40 - foot container to their churches and 4 schools in Haiti. The Mountain Assembly churches sent two hundred and fity - 55 gallon barrels - filled with rice, beans, clothes, toiletries, medical supplies, linens, and other items. There was also a revival tent with chairs in the container. The container arrived in Haiti just before Christmas, 2009.

A few weeks later on January 12, 2010 Haiti experienced a catastropic earthquake. Over 250,000 people died or were injured. Buildings, homes, and roads crumbled. Yet, in the midst of the devastation the continer from a church in Collinwood survived! In their desparation Haitians pitched the tent and moved into it as well as the container.

Almost two kyears later that same contianer - from Collinwood - still provides shelter for the Haitians as they await the reconstruction. Thousands of Haitians are still living outside in the elements.

Liberia was the destination of the 2010 contianer. However, this year Aspinwall Chkurch will again send a container to Haiti as the 2011 Christmas in October Project. This will be the church's 39th Mission of Mercy. Aspinwall welcomes any contributions until October 15, 2011. Pastor Walden can be reached at: (216) 268-0879 or (216) 256-5226.

75th Anniversary Celebration - Note

Aspinwall Church kof God celebrates its 75th anniversary in the Collinwood Neighborhood. It began as a store front church on East 152 Street. They later bought and occupied a property on Kipling Avenue. The church is now located on Aspinwall Avenue between East 147 Street and the Saranac intersection. The Medco factory is being renovated to become a facility for community functions.

Aspinwall Church continues its history of international and local missions. The church had a Christian Academy and a daycare for many years. Aspinwall Church is known for the yellow school buses whch faithfully travel the neighborhood to pick up those who want to come to church.

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