"If You Build It, He Will Come!" VII Blue skies and sunshine, everywhere

Hello Collinwood Family,

Sometimes during these cold winter days filled with grey skies it is difficult to maintain joy and even hope in a world that seemingly grows frigid and loveless with each passing moment. Even scientific studies have shown that depression increases during these “dark” months. And yet recently during my daily prayer and meditation time I was reminded that blue skies and sunshine are really everywhere. I suppose that is what the Psalmist meant when he wrote: “I will lift my eyes above the hills from which comes my help. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker (Creator) of Heaven and Earth.” (Psalm 121:1,2) 

Yes family, above those grey clouds exist blue skies and sunshine. And lest we forget during the midnight hour a myriad of stars including our Earth’s amazing cousin the moon lights even our path at night. In fact, both the day and night sky represent a beautiful portrait painted by a universally renowned artist. Truly a loving and kind artist who gave this “mural” to you and I as an eternal gift for our enjoyment. So the next time you feel a bit “down” (you probably need an increase of both vitamin D and vitamin B12 [the direct effect of the sun’s rays provide you the same thing] in your diet) remember that beauty exists all around you through the snow, the cold and yes particularly the vista “above the hills from which comes your help.” Just slow down and take the time to appreciate the scene which can be only be seen by closing your eyes. Remembering the fact that blue skies and sunshine are truly everywhere is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and maybe even a song in your heart. Of course if you are like me I would encourage you to not sing that song out loud.  That time is best left for the shower.   

On the scientific side, haven’t you wondered why the sky is blue? Well, presented for your reading pleasure is the answer as found in Answers.com:  “The sunlight interacting with the Earth's atmosphere makes the sky blue. In outer space the astronauts see blackness because outer space has no atmosphere. Sunlight consists of light waves of varying wavelengths, each of which is seen as a different color. The minute particles of matter and molecules of air in the atmosphere intercept and scatter the white light of the sun. A larger portion of the blue color in white light is scattered, more so than any other color because the blue wavelengths are the shortest. When the size of atmospheric particles are smaller than the wavelengths of the colors, selective scattering occurs-the particles only scatter one color and the atmosphere will appear to be that color. Blue wavelengths especially are affected, bouncing off the air particles to become visible. This is why the sun looks yellow (yellow equals white minus blue). At sunset, the sky changes color because as the sun drops to the horizon, sunlight has more atmosphere to pass through and loses more of its blue wavelengths. The orange and red, having the longer wavelengths and making up more of sunlight at this distance are most likely to be scattered by the air particles.”

Just thought you might like to know.

Until next time, Happy Planting Collinwood Family.

Reverend Damon P. Dillard and his wife have been Collinwood residents for the past 9 plus years and have a Christian Congregation on Whitcomb Avenue.

Damon Dillard

My name is Reverend Damon P. Dillard and my wife and I have been Collinwood residents for the past 9 plus years. Our tenth year anniversary in this wonderful community will begin this coming January. Our home is located on Whitcomb Avenue where we also have a Christian Congregation.

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