Councilman's Corner

Dear Friends:

This summer looks to be a very busy one for various projects and initiatives in the community.

Work has begun in earnest on the Euclid Creek Tunnel Project and also the rebuilding of portions of Lakeshore Boulevard from East 140 Street to East 185th Street. With this project there will continue to be traffic restrictions due to its size and scope which include the construction of new sewers, junction boxes, and the relocation of utilities and assorted other improvements. This will also include the repaving of Lakeshore Boulevard to address road surface issues. All this is meant to address not only the pollution problems in Euclid Creek and Lake Erie but also to address ongoing basement flooding problems. The scope of this project will also affect St. Clair Avenue sometime next year.  

Another project underway is an increase in industrial and commercial code enforcement initiatives to improve the appearance and viability of the St. Clair Avenue corridor from East 170 Street east to Nottingham Road. For a long time this Councilman and the Nottingham community have been asking that the City’s Building & Housing Departments address commercial and industrial businesses and their physical appearance which have not been well-maintained. I wish to thank the Director of Economic Development, Ms. Tracey Nichols, in her effort to support this initiative. With this, we hope to attract new industrial and commercial businesses to the St. Clair corridor and help existing businesses with improvement and expansion plans.

You will notice new Nottingham Village signs from London Road east to Chardon Road. I wish to thank the Nottingham Civic Club and the Commissioner of Traffic Engineering, Mr. Rob Mavec, for their input and support for this endeavor. The signs are meant to help to re-identify the historic Nottingham Village community.

I also wish to thank a growing number of “nosy neighbors” and aggressive constituents who have been pro-active in our community’s crime-fighting efforts. I see more and more police reports where a “nosy neighbor” saw something they thought to be “suspicious” or “out of place” and called police; thereby leading to the arrest of a perpetrator of criminal activity. I urge all residents to continue to turn in any property whose yard has been unmaintained or a structure in need of inspection. Call (216) 664-2300 for occupied properties with high grass and call (216) 664-2007 for Building & Housing complaints.

We need to continue to maintain our community to the highest standards possible and it is up to each and every one of us on our streets to set the tone. Pro-active and watchful neighbors make for a better community. Feel free to contact me in the office at (216) 664-4236 or by email at

I look forward to seeing everyone around our community all summer. Have a happy and safe summer.

Councilman Mike Polensek

Lifelong resident of Collinwood community. I am the Councilmanic Aide to Councilman Michael D. Polensek, Ward 11 councilman. I am also an historian for the Collinwood / Nottingham community as well as the American Rev War and Civil War.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 9:09 PM, 06.08.2012