Waterloo Alley Cat Project awarded grant from ASPCA

Junior is a Waterloo Alley Cat. His tipped ear means that he has been fixed and is cared for.

The national office of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has recognized the Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP) as being worthy of a grant specifically designated for covering the high cost of testing felines for fatal diseases, i.e. FIV/FELV, better known as feline AIDS and leukemia. When WACP volunteers trap feral/ abandoned/ homeless cats to be taken in for spaying or neutering they must be tested for FIV/FELV first. The tough decision in every one of these instances when the cat tests positive, is that it usually results in euthanasia, with very rare exceptions. The least expensive rescue rate offered anywhere in Cleveland is $30 per cat. Multiply that by the 100+ cats trapped to date and the cost is in the astronomical ballpark of $3,000.

WACP would like to publicly and wholeheartedly thank the ASPCA for their vital support. Their assistance contributes so much to the quality of life of all residents and to the health of outdoor cats in the Waterloo neighborhood.

Individual contributions make a huge difference in the same way a large grant does when it comes to funding the cost of daily feeding, shelter and other vet care. WACP would also like to publicly and wholeheartedly thank individuals who fuel the day to day reality of the work being done. Without your generosity, the task at hand would be impossible to maintain.  

WACP funds are currently depleted to the point where group members will soon have to use their own money (again) just to buy food. We are fortunate to have a very understanding and kind veterinarian who has let us run up a bit of a tab, but we need to pay off our debt in the next couple of weeks. Please, if you can help, tax deductible donations can be made to Waterloo Alley Cat Project and sent to Northeast Shores Development Corporation at 317 E 156th Street, Cleveland, OH 44110. Blue Arrow Records at 16001 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110 is also able to accept donations via mail or in person.

Lastly, WACP will be having a benefit at Cebars Tavern, 595 E. 185th St. Euclid OH 44119, on August 10th. Come down for some live music, raffle items and lots of fun. Be sure to visit Waterloo Alley Cat Project on Facebook for all updates and some ridiculously cute photos of our cats!  

monica doyle

Monica Doyle is a North Collinwood resident homeowner and Waterloo Alley Cat Project volunteer.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 1:35 PM, 07.14.2012