Collinwood Growth Project

Do you know someone who is fascinating, who is unique, has overcome struggle, who has tirelessly contributed to their community, someone who really represents the Collinwood neighborhood? Nominate them as a subject for “The Collinwood Growth Project”!

We are creating a grant-funded documentary film in which community members nominate the subjects. We are looking for interesting subjects of all different ages, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds to represent the eclecticism and cultural diversity of the neighborhood. We will select three to five people from the nominations who together represent the diversity of the neighborhood. We will use this project as a springboard to create discussions and generate interest in the neighborhood and eventually expand this project as venue for preservation.

We will interview the community members, and talk to them about their connection to the neighborhood, some of the challenges it is facing and about the past, present and future of the neighborhood in order to get a broader understanding of what this neighborhood means at a local as well as at a national level. We will then pair these community members with local musicians or artists to either write a musical piece or make a portrait, inspired by these subjects. At the closing of this project, there will be a free public exhibition of the film as well as of the artwork/musical pieces to celebrate and engage residents in their neighborhood.  

Nomination Information: Please nominate a community member online or by hard copy at A printable version is available online. Please return this form to Northeast Shores, 317 E 156th Street, by 4pm on Wednesday, August 22nd. Nominees must have lived in the Collinwood neighborhood for at least one year, or work in the neighborhood for at least 15 hours a week. If you have any questions, you can contact, Shawn Mishak at:

Shawn Mishak


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