French Association of Amusement Parks enthusiasts visit Euclid Beach State Park

The Touring Members or Parcs Passion with Euclid Beach Park Now Members at Euclid Beach Park.

Parcs Passion is a non-profit French organization established in 2002 for amusement park enthusiasts. There are many theme and amusement parks in Europe and worldwide. Not everyone can handle organizing the many details of a major trip to a theme park in Europe or another part of the world. Parcs Passion plans trips to amusement parks, making arrangements for transportation, bus or train, and all other details. The association organizes at least two trips per year, a one-day excursion and another which could take two to four days.

Their recent Hyper-Mega AIRTIME 2012 tour brought 39 of the organization's 180 members to America for the first time. They landed in Washington D.C. on August 15 to start the tour of some amusement parks located in the Northeast US. Ten amusement parks were visited including Busch Gardens Williamsburg, King's Dominion, Knobels Amusement Resort, ending with two days at Cedar Point. Before visiting Cedar Point they were in Cleveland, Monday, August 27, the only rainy day of their tour. After spending the morning in downtown they went to the Western Reserve Historical Society. There they were welcomed by Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) President John Frato, Vice President Rich Wickens and Secretary Jim Seman. While at the museum, they saw the exhibit for the Euclid Beach Park Carrousel and saw the construction progress for the carrousel pavilion. Jim gave a visual presentation to Parcs Passion on Euclid Beach Park then John talked about the carrousel project. Then it was off to Euclid Beach State Park. There other EBPN board members were present to extend a warm welcome along with Councilman Michael Polensak. Board member Bob MacCallum gave a tour of old Euclid Beach Park from under the protection of the State Park's picnic pavilion as the rain was at times heavy, he pointed out former locations of various rides and attractions.

Before boarding the bus and continuing on to Cedar Point each French guest was given two Humphrey Popcorn balls and a bag of Candy Kisses.

Richard Wickens is the Vice President of Euclid Beach Park Now.

Richard Wickens

Richard Wickens is the Vice President of Euclid Beach Park Now.

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