My Collinwood: Installment No. 3-- Great coffee, cupcakes, chocolate on E. 185th and MORE

I have at least one reader.

Even as the ink was drying on last month’s issue the answer to my most pressing question was answered.

As a refresher course for those of you not privy to my endless social media posts about the “Collinwood Observer,” my second-ever article covered a lovely fishing trip aboard the Linda Mae along with the perils of scaling perch. That afternoon in Late August Stephen Love and I introduced a handful of friends to the bountiful opportunities in this north shore neighborhood.

As newcomers to North Collinwood, we lure family and friends with the magnetism of Lake Erie and seal the deal with inland adventures. Still, as I cheerlead my way through the streets, I cannot help but notice the gaping holes in our neighborhood fabric.

Of the many places I wish we could call local, a coffee shop topped the list. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

A minimalist, black and white advertisement for “Fear’s Confections” immediately stood out from a sea of colorized, stale announcements in an early September issue of “Scene Magazine.” Whoever paired the international symbol for poison with the promise of decadent candy: kudos, you have my attention. And my tastebuds.

At first I wasn’t convinced this was the business we needed to revitalize what was once a street lined with bustling storefronts. I love chocolate, the darker the better, with a pinch of sea salt, please, but nowhere were brownies and cupcakes in my neighborhood plan. (I said better streets, not sweets!!!)

Good thing living in Collinwood has taught me to become a more open-minded person.

The first time I stepped through the door, I knew I’d be back. Good coffee, cozy seats, and free wireless internet are hard to resist. As are the chocolates.

So thank you, “Fear’s Confections” for checking off a box on my big list of Collinwood needs, wants, and (selfish) desires. You’ll be seeing more of me, and so will the Recreation Center on Lakeshore!

Speaking of coffee and a good read, there is something wonderful about this time of year, when it’s just warm enough to take in a crisp porch breeze and sip a pumpkin spiced latte while paging through a good book. Good books are made better when borrowed from the local branch of a public library.

The Cleveland Public Library system is top notch, but threatened. It has triumphed in keeping stride with modern technology while providing quick, easy access to millions of books, films, and periodicals. I’ve attended more than one computer class, community workshop, and lecture series at my neighborhood libraries. I’m constantly scanning the shelves for recommendations and filling up my virtual hold “cart” with inspiring titles. For work and play, a safe, educational, accessible library is key to our neighborhood’s growth.

And as much as I like coffee, I love the library more.

Please, for all the readers and life-long learners in your life, support the renewal levy on next month’s ballet to keep our neighborhood libraries open.

While you’re out voting, reward the good deed with a local candy or coffee, find a comfortable chair, and snuggle up with the latest version of the “Observer.” Read on, Collinwood, read on.

Allison Lukacsy

A new Collinwood resident and artist loving her beach street, Waterloo Arts, Project Pop-Up Galleries and brunches at the Beachland. I am an advocate for creative reuse and community activism, finding the perfect mix in this North Shore neighborhood.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 10:17 AM, 10.11.2013