Waterloo Alley Cat Project and Hammy

Hammy needs surgery

Hello! My name is Hammy and I would like to tell you my incredible story.

I was a stray cat minding my own business when one day OUCH! --I was hit by a car!! I survived the hit, but I was in pain; I couldn't use my back right leg at all. Luckily, a very friendly lady took me care of me while she called her friends at the Waterloo Alley Cat Project (WACP). Because I was so affectionate I happily went with the ladies from WACP (somehow I knew they were going to help me). 

I went to see the doctors at Rainbow Veterinary Clinic (they are really nice to animals and are always willing to help out us WACP kitties). They took an x-ray of my leg and found out it was a clean break- in 2 places; no wonder I was limping around! As they were wrapping my leg in a temporary cast my FIV/Leukemia test came back...I tested positive for FIV.

Most people don't know that an FIV positive result doesn't mean I can't be a loving and wonderful companion. All the people who were trying to help me started to cry. I think they were worried that no one would be interested in adopting a kitty with a hurt leg and FIV. I can't spread the disease to people or other animals; I just need to be with another FIV positive kitty-friend or live in a house with a loving person who can take me to the veterinarian 2 times a year.

My human helpers started to talk about putting me to sleep...but I wasn't even tired! I am only a year old, I have a beautiful clean coat, a perfect weight and very clean teeth. The ladies from the Waterloo Alley Cat Project were making phone calls and sending lots of text messages. One of the ladies kept saying “we can't let him go, he is going to get a home, I can just feel it.” But the clock was ticking and the doctor had a big needle ready for me. SUDDENLY- a text message came in asking “Is it too late?”

Someone wanted to adopt me! He knew that FIV wasn't a terrible thing for a sweet, young kitty like me! The ladies from WACP said they would pay to have my leg set and the people at Rainbow are going to let me stay with them until my leg is repaired. I was so close to to being just another sad story; instead I am a success story in the biggest way possible. I face a lifetime of fun, treats, love and a forever home! 

Do you think you can help other kitties like me? Please let the Waterloo Alley Cat Project know if you are able to foster or adopt FIV positive cats (there are lots of us out there). The surgery for my leg is going to be expensive, so you can always send money to the group. A monetary donation also goes to help my other kitty-friends with shelter, food and medical care.

Thanks for reading my story! People's tears of despair turned to tears of joy and I got a new lease on life. Kisses and purrrs from Hammy (and the Waterloo Alley Cat Project)!

Donations can be sent to: Waterloo Alley Cat Project, P.O. Box 19246, Cleveland, OH 44119. Please 'Like' our Facebook page to find out about events to benefit Waterloo Alley Cat Project and how YOU can foster and/or adopt a kitty in need.

Deborah Gulyas

Merchant on Waterloo Road: Blue Arrow Records and Books and This Way Out Vintage Shoppe in the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. And, lover of cats.

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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 7:47 PM, 11.10.2013