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I am responding to William J. Sanek’s Article published in the June 2014 issue of The Collinwood Observer Page 18 Volume 6 Issue 5.

Over the past few years I have been caring for a number of feral cats that have come to my yard; I have never turned a cat away. Of the three feral cats I have cared for in the past few years, one was neutered by the APL ad adopted out due to his gentle, friendly nature; the 2nd was neutered a year ago, and the 3rd, a very illusive Tuxedo car, was finally captured and neutered after 4 attempts at trapping. This Tuxedo cat still comes to eat but otherwise is still extremely illusive after 3 years.

In my house reside 3 feral cats, which I befriended as kittens, and was able to entice into my house with food where they continue to reside. These three cats have been spayed and neutered. Most recently I have Ginger and EBFCP to thank for helping me deal with an abandoned cat which had her four kittens in a cat bed on my porch in April. Within a day and a half Ginger had me moving the mother and kittens into a room in my house where I could ‘socialize’ the kittens in preparation for adoption. Two of the four kittens have recently gone out for adoption and the mother and two remaining kittens, which are still in my care, will soon be spayed through the Cleveland APL Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Program. These three cats will remain in my care until adoption or other arrangements can be made.

I cannot thank Ginger and EBFCP enough for the bags of cat chow and cases of canned food she’s dropped at my door, as well as the vet bills and spay and neuter costs that EBFCP has paid on the kittens behalf. Since I am without an auto, Ginger has also taken me to purchase additional food and cat litter. I know EBFCP will be there to help with any additional cats that may show up on my porch and will aid me in trapping and getting these cats to the APL for spay and neutering. I will do all I can to help EBFCP in their wonderful work. Ginger can be reached at Come on people, have some compassion. Don’t blame the cats for the life people have forced them to live. 

John Copic


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Volume 6, Issue 6, Posted 1:39 PM, 07.12.2014