St. Casimir Parish, 5 Years Old and Still Growing

It is hard for me to believe that at the end of this month, October 25th, St. Casimir Parish will be five years old.  It seems like just yesterday, that we celebrated the opening Mass here on Neff Road.  But as I walked around the campus today, I saw what we accomplished in those five years.  At 12:00 noon, our church bells rang the Angelus, as they do every day at noon and 6:00 pm.  I see temporary signs on our auditorium and our school building saying that this is the home of Lakeshore Intergenerational School.  A school again is on our campus.  A walk around to our Marcella Road parking lot, is see Cuvilly House, which is a residence and ministry center run by the Sisters of Notre Dame.  At the other end of our parking lot, I see what was once one of our rental houses, now called “Hope House”, a place for our organizations and our adult education programs to meet.  I see building renovations and improvements.  But more importantly, I see people.  I see happy people on school days coming to and going home from school.  I see members of our parish organizations meeting in the evenings.  I see people coming to Mass each day – Sunday through Friday mornings and Saturday evenings.  I see cultural programs, I see religious programs, I see educational programs.  I see a vibrant, Catholic, ethnic parish community.

We have come a long way in five years, and we have a long way to go in the future.  But this month, we stop and reflect and savor who we are and what we do.  I invite the whole community to do that with us this October.  Stop in for Mass: Monday through Friday at 7:30 am, Saturday at 5:30 pm, and Sunday at 8:00, 10:00 (Lithuanian) and 12:00.  Stop by just to say hello.  Our office is open from 10am to 6pm daily.  If you are still looking for a Catholic Church, you might like us.  If you have been away for a while and are interested in returning to Church, call me.  I’ll help you.  If you’re interested in Catholicism, ask us about it.  If you want to meet some of our members, we’re having a Clambake / Steak Roast / Fund Raiser on Saturday, October 25th, from 6-10 pm.  Look for our ad elsewhere in this edition of the Collinwood Observer.  Or, just visit our website:

Rev Joseph Bacevice

Pastor, St. Casimir Parish on Neff Road.

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 10:41 PM, 10.15.2014