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My dear fellow Eskimos – OOPS! They’re warmer in Alaska than we are.  What a Winter!

I don’t have to tell you the ongoing problems which we have had with snow plowing, especially on our residential side streets and now pothole and street repair. We are all hoping that the City Administration is getting on top of the shortcomings in their Winter Snow Attack Plan, so that we don’t have to go through the ordeal we had the week after the Super Bowl and beyond. Please, if there is an issue with snow or ice on your street please call (216) 664-2510, which is the number the City wants all of us to use.  In addition, you can call the same number to report potholes and dangerous road conditions.

Another problem we have been experiencing due to the extreme cold are frozen water lines and broken pipes in people’s homes. Please take precautions so that your pipes do not freeze; if you have a forced air furnace, which most homes in our neighborhood have, please keep a vent open in the basement and make sure that there is air circulation around all water lines. Never use a torch or direct flame on a frozen pipe but rather use a heat gun or space heater with caution. If you see water running in the street from a valves, hydrant et cetera, please call the Emergency Division of Water Hotline at (216) 664- 3060.

Furthermore, in some rare incidences, the streetlights and electrical lines can be affected by salt spray coming from passing vehicles. If a streetlight is out on your street please call CPP at (216) 621-5483. For CPP Trouble call (216) 664-3156. Just as the City has its responsibilities to provide basic winter services, as residents we can help; if there is a car on the street that has not moved and is obviously snowed in, please call the 5th District at (216) 623-5505, with all the information about the car (including make, model, location, plate number, if possible). A vehicle may be ticketed if not moved from same location after 48 hours and towed after 72 hours.

I urge you all – who have access to email to please let the Administration of the Metroparks know that we NEED LIFEGUARDS AT EUCLID BEACH & VILLA ANGELA BEACH THIS SUMMER!  There are petitions floating about in the community or online at or Speaking of petitions, there is also time to sign the petition to get Community Policing back up and operating in the community (ie Police Mini-Stations).  Call Northeast Shores Development Corporation, at (216) 481-7660, or my office for petitions.

Finally, I am looking forward to Spring, as I am sure you all are as well. There is a lot planned for this Spring and Summer in Ward 8.  Please read the Collinwood Observer regarding projects underway and events being planned.

Feel free to call me at the office at (216) 664-4236 or email me at

Just think Spring!

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 7:53 PM, 03.06.2015