The Little Red Cap Project Restoring the Collinwood School Fire Memorial Garden

Are you interested in Collinwood History? Are you a gardener? Are you interested in our Collinwood Community? How About all Three? It's time to do something for the Collinwood School Fire Memorial Garden. And we need your help! 

This Project is so new - it's literally just a few weeks old, by the time you see this - we've only just begun to talk to people. We're planning to get to more community meetings, but already we're pleased with the interest and support people are showing. And we thank you all!

As promised then, you're invited to our first Community Meeting, Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at the Collinwood Recreation Center to begin making plans to restore (and then maintain) the Memorial Garden. 

The Garden has been a fixture in our Collinwood neighborhood these past 20 plus years, originally built to replace the original garden that remembered the Collinwood School Fire tragedy. In 2008, with the 100th Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire, people in the community began doing some work now and then, weeding some planting etc. In 2013, some of the students at Memorial, working with our local Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society banded together, and formed the Memorial Garden Angels, doing some weeding themselves, and planting those wonderful geraniums along the front edge of the Garden (red and white for the school's colors). 

We've talked to these kids, and they have great ideas for what to do in the future for the Garden. They also see this as a legacy project for Memorial School, to be handed down to the younger classes, to remember and keep the Garden looking well. It's a big project though, and something we as a community need to do. 

So, it's time. It's time to get serious about restoring the Garden, making it maintainable for the future, and simply to remember this tragic event that made 
such a difference, not just here in Collinwood, but around the world. 

Come to our meeting. Let's pool everyone's ideas, start sorting out what needs to happen, and begin restoring this Memorial Garden (and find out why 
it's the Little Red Cap Project). If you can't join us on June 13th, but still want to be part of this, please contact us, and let us know. Appreciate it! 

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN HELPING (in any way on this - we'll definitely need all kinds of talents and abilities to do this!) do contact Elva Brodnick at either or 216 738 0626 or Charlotte Iafeliece at or 216 401 8778.

Elva Brodnick

Moved to Collinwood in 2012 - and loving it! - but have been active in the neighborhood for many years before that.

Always interested in promoting Collinwood! Euclid Beach Park, history in general. A regular contributor to the Collinwood Observer. Memberships: - Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society (Secretary). Northeast Shores Development Corp, & the Collinwood Area Pastoral Association. Have also worked on both the Euclid Beach Pier Committee and the Collinwood School Fire Centennial Commemoration Committee, was chair of the Euclid Beach Carrousel Committee, & am now working on the Euclid Beach Blast! & the Little Red Cap Project (and volunteer at Lake View Cemetery) – have always been involved in many neighborhood “projects”.

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 12:53 PM, 05.31.2015