Young Leaders Program do Community Service at E 140th Garden

Young Leaders Program did community service alongside members of the community on E 140th on Lakeshore. They cut grass and pulled weeds out of the mini bean ,cabage and peper gardens . Young Leaders Program is all about helping the community. If you are a local business and you need a helping hand with anything, we do not mind doing service. We are located in the Collinwood Recreational Center, where we teach 6th-12th graders  problem solving,critical thinking,community awareness, and leadership skills. If you are interested in volunteering ,signing your 6th-12th grader up or becoming a part of our staff call Vice President Breauna Sweeney (216) 622-5849  or send a resume to Be a part of the solution !!

Breauna Sweeney

I am a published Author of the book Chain Reactions and I'm the Vice President Of a non profit organization Young Leaders Program .

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Volume 7, Issue 8, Posted 7:10 PM, 08.09.2015