You Can Keep Our Great Lake Great

The illustrations on the street-facing side of the shelters depict ways each of us can become better stewards of our environment.

Thanks to a grant from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD), RTA bus riders, joggers, dog walkers and motorists along Lakeshore Boulevard have a reminder about what small part we can play to maintain the health of Northeast Ohio’s greatest natural asset – Lake Erie.

Last month, new, clear vinyl wraps were installed at four RTA bus shelters along Lakeshore Boulevard between E.149th and just beyond Wildwood Marina’s entry, near Sandy’s Frozen Whip. The wraps were designed in collaboration with the NEORSD’s marketing department by North Collinwood artist Allison Lukacsy. Grant support by Euclid Beach Adopt-A-Beach Team and Northeast Shores Development Corporation. Printing and installation by neighborhood shop, Imagemart, Inc.

The illustrations on the street-facing side of the shelters depict ways each of us can become better stewards of our environment while the side panel of each shelter details easy habits we can adopt to ensure Lake Erie’s health is optimal.

Some things you can do to keep our Great Lake great include:

  • Picking up after your pet! Did you know that dog doo affects water quality? Poor water quality with unsafe, high bacteria counts causes closures at swimming beaches, especially after heavy rain events.

  • Dispose of yard and garbage waste properly! Anything but rain down the storm rain causes all sorts of problems for the underground infrastructure. Compost your clippings and find out the proper way to dispose of all sorts of household waste at the City of Cleveland’s Division of Waste Collection and Disposal:!/Recycling%20and%20Waste%20Disposal%20Guide

  • Pitch those pills! Don’t flush expired medications down the drain or toilet. A study conducted by the United States Geological Survey found that 80 percent of streams sampled across 30 states detected very low concentrations of chemicals commonly found in prescription drugs. Wrap and trash your unused medications instead. Same goes for paint, solvents, antifreeze, paint thinner, oil, and gasoline.

  • Keep our beaches clean for your family and neighbors - pick up litter when you see it! Don’t toss trash on the sidewalk, lawn, or streets – during a rain event it is all carried to the storm drains and out to Lake Erie. Use City issued trash bins instead of bags on the curb which can be torn apart by animals. Participate in neighborhood cleanups, clean your own curb, and carry a bag with you on walks to scoop up trash.

  • Learn about these tips and more @

Allison Lukacsy

Allison is a North Shore Collinwood resident, artist, neighborhood cheerleader and frequent contributor to the Collinwood Observer. She curates "Phone Gallery" and "LOCKS of Love from Waterloo" in the Waterloo Arts District, founded "Bus Stop Moves" and serves of the Board of Directors of Northeast Shores.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 10:37 AM, 06.11.2016