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Vote because you can. For over 200 years, people have been fighting for their right to vote. Did you know that in 1789 when George Washington was elected president, only 6% of the population could legally vote? The right to vote has been denied to women, African American's, Native American's, people from Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino decent, and people with felony convictions. Barriers such as landownership, literacy tests, a voting tax, and violence intimidation are all methods that have been used to prevent voting. When you are deciding if you will vote or not, think about the countless people who fought for the right to vote, and the 4.1 million people living in U.S colonies that are citizens but cannot vote for president and do not have representation in Congress.

Many people feel that those in Washington are self-serving. It is for that very reason we must vote, especially during the spring primaries. The person you vote for represents your values. Those values influence laws and the direction of this nation. More importantly, you're voting for local and state matters that directly impact you on the day to day. Here are some of the things that on November 8th, you'll be voting on:

Member of State Board of Education - set educational goals

Judge for the Court of Common Pleas - hear civil and criminal cases

Judge for the Court of Common Pleas (domestic relations) - hear divorces, dissolutions, legal separations, annulments, and domestic violence petitions

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