The Presidential election is over with; thank goodness. Those of you who voted and exercised your constitutional right – THANK YOU.  Those who didn’t – don’t complain. For, this election demonstrated, once again, how every vote counts. Only time will tell how our new President and his Cabinet will address the growing concerns of everyday citizens.  I will pray for him and his family just as I do for President Obama and his family.  We can only hope that he will work on behalf of all the American citizens and their families.  

On the local front, CMSD Issue 108 passed and we are looking to the Mayor, School Board Members and CEO, Eric Gordon, to really address the growing concerns at Collinwood and Glenville High schools and to get the new O.H. Perry school project underway. Issue 32, the City income tax increase, passed as well; however, it was a much tougher election.  I personally believe that more and more residents are of the opinion that it is not just about the city needing more money. Residents are concerned about management, supervision and accountability. It is now up to the Mayor and his Administration to put forward a plan to address the dismal level of services we have all experienced across the board. Our residents want more police on the street, our parks maintained, our streets swept, regular bulk waste pick-up, improved street repair, and a whole host of other quality of life issues which have not been addressed this past year. Ward 8 supported both issues – now, the “proof will be in the pudding.” This coming year the city needs to be more accountable and pro-active.  

My sincere thanks once again to all the neighborhood groups and organizations for all their efforts this year. Both Development Corporations have upped their game as well with a new focus on redevelopment in our community. The Historic LaSalle Theatre project is underway along with other projects along East 185th Street.  What praise can we heap on the Salvation Army! Their multi-million dollar new Temple Corps and Community Center on Grovewood is almost complete. You can understand why other nearby cities wanted this complex built in their community. It is truly outstanding.  Thank you to the Salvation Army for this gem. Please continue to support all of our community organizations, institutions, and non-profits as well as to continue to Shop Local at all of our neighborhood businesses.

In addition, work is underway at the bluff at Euclid Beach in anticipation of the construction next year of a new fishing and observation pier. There are other improvements planned for the Euclid Beach, Villa Angela Beach and Wildwood Marina. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Cleveland MetroParks. 

Do we still have challenges in the neighborhood? You bet. However, we will get there only if we have more neighborhood residents involved and truly becoming stakeholders. GET INVOLVED. For a list of organizations and community meetings, please feel free to contact my office.

On behalf of my own family and the greater Ward 8 family I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY CHANUKAH, joyous KWANZAA and a prosperous, healthy and safe NEW YEAR.

Looking forward to working with you in 2017.  If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at my office at (216) 664-4236 or via email at

Michael D. Polensek

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 6:48 PM, 12.04.2016