A Few Simple Resolutions

Around this time of year most of us make New Year’s Resolutions: reduce stress, lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family. These are all worthy goals and could take quite a bit of effort to accomplish. However, there are also some easy resolutions we can make to improve the environment. Small efforts can make our world a better place for all of us. Pick a few to try. 

  • Take some reusable grocery bags when you shop.
  • Return used plastic grocery bags to the store.
  • If you do throw away a grocery bag, cut the handles to prevent animal injury and those ugly “urban flowers” that hang in the trees for years.
  • Cut all the links in plastic beverage holders to save animals from getting tangled.
  • Use baking soda to clean hard surfaces instead of toxic chemicals like Ajax or Comet.
  • Clean the toilet with a mixture of vinegar and borax instead of bleach.
  • Avoid soaps and hand cleaners containing antibiotics.
  • Cut down or eliminate fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. (This will save you money and effort.)
  • Pick up litter when you can even if it is not yours.
  • Teach your children the importance of not littering.
  • Pick up the dog’s business.
  • Refuse to buy your children turtles, gold fish or other reptiles. The kids will be bored in a few weeks and you are stuck taking care of them. Never throw any of these animals (especially the greenery) into a waterway. They are a huge problem in our lakes and streams. Call Cleveland Metroparks, 440-473-3370, for information on what to do with them.
  • Drop fishing line pieces into a container with a lid before throwing away.
  • Plant some bee and butterfly friendly flowers. (They can even grow in pots). 

Helping to clean up the environment doesn’t need to be complicated. By resolving to try a few changes, we can all make a difference. Happy New Year from the planet and all its creatures!

Kelly Butauski

Kelly Butauski is a Cleveland Metroparks Certified Watershed Steward and a member of Friends of Euclid Creek @kellybutauski

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Volume 9, Issue 1, Posted 12:11 PM, 01.13.2017