Rescued Kittens Need Furever Home

Meet Cuddles & Coco Bean. They were rescued from the North Collinwood neighborhood on Labor Day weekend. These 2 babies were approximately 4 weeks old at that time, and in pretty bad shape.

Thanks to a few concerned residents who used their own funds for vet care, medicine, food; and their daily dedication to love and socialize them in a foster home, these 2 fur babies are thriving in every way.

Adoption applications are available via my FB page. Please send a friend request to Monica Doyle (Cleveland) and we can correspond via private messaging.

Cuddles' Bio - A female orange Tabby, (FYI - 99.9% of orange tabbies are male!). She's the leader, very curious, purrs like a motorboat, and loves her sister Coco Bean.

Coco Bean's Bio - A female Torty. She's an introvert and a follower, inspired by her sister to be more outgoing and playful. She is also characteristically independent and her own self.

monica doyle

Resident home owner and Beachland staff member since 2008. Feline advocate & activist since the year dot.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 1:22 PM, 11.03.2017