The Hayes chronicles by Damien Hayes

]’The Hayes Chronicles

  1. One of my favorites is: Think before you act. You must not act from emotion, or impulse. Think out your plan clearly. Think of the consequences and possible outcomes before acting on your decisions.

  1. The art of the focus, having a goal and the why's and your what's and what I mean by that is why are you doing what your doing and what are you doing it this thought process will help you focus on the task and goals

  1. Be careful and do your research first when it comes to giving your all to help someone whom you think may need help.  In reality when they don't want to be helped you can lose, and waste a lot of time and money helping someone who doesn't want your assistance.

  1. By all means watch the ones you help get ahead. People can be very clever and tricky. You can do a lot to help someone get on their feet or get ahead , and that won't mean shit to them. They will still backstab you, befriend you,  even end up fatal.

  1. If you don't want to start a war think on how to make peace.

  1. Keep your thoughts positive, always think and speak positive.

  1. Build your life for the future. Maintain and plan your present life but build for the future and learn from the past.

  1. Don't spread your business unless you're making a profit or you don't mind everyone knowing it.

  1. Build your blueprint, build from the foundation up.

  1. Be yourself you don't have to be anyone else but who you are .

  1. Never shoot down others ideas or visions, encourage them to strive for it.

  1. Never let others make you change your character and morals.

  1. The only person who can defeat you is you.

  1. Ask yourself how bad do you want it.

  1. Who said it was going to be easy??

  2. Life's too short to be playing games with your life.

  1. Sometimes to excel in life you must learn to separate yourself from the negative people and cut loose the people holding you back.

  1. Learn the difference between friends and associates. You will learn who's your real friends and the others that are just around temporarily (everybody’s not your friend).

  1. Watch the people who are weak minded and are easily influenced, and dangerous. They will often hurt you in the long run .

  1. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Learn how to study people.  Listen to how they talk, and carry themselves. You can learn a lot from a person just by listening to them talk.

  1. If someone talks badly about people or down on others, (especially if they’re supposed to be friends with the ones they talking about) distance yourself from those kind of people, plus they’re most likely talking about you also.

  1. Never let others detour you, or talk you out of seeing your vision or following your dreams by talking negative about it to you.

  1. Choose your team (friends) wisely. There's always a person praying for your downfall watch who you choose to bring in your circle .

  1. Watch out for the people who are miserable in life, and the world. (they’ll do and say things bad about you to make themselves feel better)

  1. Opportunity knocks twice. If you missed the 1st knock hopefully you'll when the 2nd knock comes back around take an advantage.

  1. If you're given a 2nd chance at life take advantage of it.

  1. Never underestimate people

  1. Don't get mad just get great. Always remember: Living well is the best revenge!

  1. Strive to own your own. Owning your own will make it difficult for others to control what you own or have.

  1. There comes a time in your life when you have to put negative dead weight to the side.

  1. Fight to get in a better position.

  1. Go with your 1st gut instinct.

  1. Change your bad habits right now to get a head start on bettering yourself for the future.

  1. One step to becoming great is knowing when to make the right decision at the right time.

  1. Never fall into the life of gossiping it will bring your character down.

  1. Don't be afraid to fail , failure will make you stronger as a person .

  1. Don't be afraid to take risks.

  1. When your back is against the wall is the times you will come up with the best ideas.

  1. Never be afraid of the challenge. Plan your strategy ahead of time.

  1. Time waits for no one. Don't hold off make your move now.

  1. Watch the jealous ones. (they will try to do everything in their power to bring you down including bringing themselves down in the process.)

  1. My grandmother used to tell me that common sense isn't so common when dealing with people

  1. Don't waste your time and energy wondering what others are doing, spend that valuable time thinking about what you’re going to do yourself.

  1. Don't ever get too comfortable with anything. Sudden changes can be your downfall.

  1. Stay ahead of the game. There's always someone hungry and trying to work harder than you.

  1. You can accomplish a lot in life just have a strong drive and a plan.

  1. Never burn your bridges with people who helped you.

  1. Always stay humble, hungry, and honest.

  1. It’s hard to make the right choices, but it's easy to make the wrong choices.

  1. Never give your competition the chance to catch up with you.

By Damien Hayes

Damien Hayes

I love photography, painting, fitness training, bird watching , and nature

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Volume 10, Issue 2, Posted 2:06 PM, 02.10.2018