The Lowdown at Lakeshore Intergenerational School

If you have any questions regarding enrollment, please contact our Enrollment Director, Mr. Shawn Hallowell at or 216-586-3872.


As the calendar reset itself and we all turned to 2018, the LIS community began our annual re-enrollment and early enrollment period. Current LIS families are encouraged to re-enroll now to reserve their child’s spot for next school year. Families interested in LIS are encouraged to apply early so you have the best chance possible to join our community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens.

If you would like to schedule a tour, register for an information session, or have questions regarding enrollment, please contact our Enrollment Director, Mr. Shawn Hallowell, at or 216-586-3872. For more information on our school, please visit our website at If you would like to submit an application, please visit 

Mrs. Lindic’s Junior Cluster class took part in a visit to Praxis Fabric workshop with our friends at Bridge Arts. Together we created a quilt with personally designed fabric strips.

Mrs. Evans, our art teacher, recently began an enrichment art program for our students. They meet weekly to express their creative freedom through choice based art projects.

We are always thrilled to host visitors here at LIS. We love showing and sharing our community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens. Just last week, we were lucky to have a visit from Dr. Peter Whitehouse (co-founder of the Intergenerational Schools) and his guest Yachneet Pushkarna from India!


February brings a very exciting time as we return to our monthly intergenerational visits. In total, our homerooms will visit nine local rehabilitation and residential facilities to build meaningful interactions via activities with various generations. Many will be working on an intergenerational poetry project, featuring African American Poets.

Our Junior Cluster students have two fantastic field trips planned as well. One includes our partners at GroundWorks Dance Theater. They will present two unique opportunities to learn about the creative processes of dance movement to our students. One session, a creative movement workshop, will be held here at LIS and a second, an interactive performance/demonstration, will be hosted by GroundWorks at the Breen Center on the west side of Cleveland. The other Junior Cluster trip includes a tour of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. While there, they will partake in the “Meet the Instruments” presentation.  Students will learn to describe the way sound is produce by various instruments from each family through live demonstrations—and even perform along with the band! They will also investigate the roles of the musicians who play each type of instrument, including Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, lastly they will learn how rock and roll songs are arranged.

Please remember that you can always stay informed and learn more by visiting us on social media, we are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Shawn Hallowell

Enrollment, Intergenerational Programming, and Community Outreach Coordinator at Lakeshore Intergenerational School

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