This Winter...use the Right S.A.L.T.

Road salt (sodium chloride) only works above 15°F. For colder temperatures use sand for added traction, or switch to an ice melting product designed to work at colder temperatures. 

Spreading more salt does not improve deicing. One 12 ounce coffee cup full of salt is enough to cover about 10 sidewalk squares. There should be about 3 inches between salt granules. Be sure to sweep up any excess salt. 

Salt only belongs on your sidewalk and driveway and never on your lawn, flower beds, the base of a tree and definitely not in a stream! One teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes 5 gallons of water.

Salt works best when it is applied before the snow falls or right after snow is removed from your driveway or sidewalk. Never apply salt when rain is in the forecast, as it will wash away into the storm drain and out to our waterways.

For more information on how to reduce stormwater pollution, contact us at 216/524-6580 or visit our website at

Claire Posius

I'm the Euclid Creek Watershed Program Manager working out of Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District office.

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