Euclid Beach Snack Bar

The Euclid Beach Snack bar AKA LAdy's Kitchen, located within the park is opening May 11th and the hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday 4pm- 8pm. The snack bar offers a variety of traditional foods like hotdogs,hamburgers,fries, polish boys plus the addition of quesadillas, fish and ribs ( on occassion). In addition, we offer free hot dogs to the kids on Wednesdays and seniors on Thursdays, "Cater your Picnic" which is just what it says, pre order your food eliminating the fuss so that you can just relax and enjoy your day, we also plan on having various events such as card parties on Saturday and Sunday with fish fry included, car and motorcycle shows, variuos gospel events and we invite the community to offer suggestions. 

The company behind this venture is called Amie Lee's Heart and the mission and vision is to encompass all individuals with love and support at the various stages of their lives' journey and for the most part these individuals are considered high risk such as our juveniles and those adults affected by addiction and incarceration. These individuals are missing components in our communitites and it is there that this company is directing all of their efforts. Through vehicles such as this collaboration we reach out and begin to make changes and we reach out to the community to lend a helping hand. Our contact info is and, we are on social media sites also and will continue to network in our neighborhood.


Gaylisa Carr


216-630-4805 ( cell)

Gaylisa Carr

Small business owner looking to network and collaborate with others in our community.

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Volume 10, Issue 5, Posted 4:56 PM, 05.10.2018