Pillowcase Project

Students stating the Pillowcase Pledge. 

Students in grades 3-5 at Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy had the privelage to partner with the American Red Cross to complete The Pillowcase Project. The Pillowcase Project was created by the American Red Cross in 2005 after Hurrican Katrina. and became a preparedness education program for elementary school students targeting 8 to 11 year olds. In 2013, the Red Cross receieved a grant from Disney to design and develop a multiyear effort that would build on this success by creating a standardized, state-of-the art preparedness education program. Now entering the third year of this pilot, The Pillowcase Project is being offered by every Red Cross region across the county. 

The goal of the project is to help students identify best ways to stay safe during emergencies that can occur in their communities such as a flood, fire or tornado. Students are taught lessons and engage in group discussions centered on the topics of coping skills, personal and family stress and local hazards ini the face of emergency. Each student is provided with a preparedness workbook that allows them to further their learning by providing activities, resources and more detailed information.  

The Pillowcase Project included a 60 minute classroom-based presentation given by Red Cross volunteers which leads students through a 'learn, practice, share" framework to engage them in disaster preparedness. Each student recieved a Disney-designed pillowcase upon completion of the program in which they are encouraged to build their personal emergency supplies kit. Students thoroughly enjoyed the time to personalize their kits while Red Cross volunteers circulated for additional individual questions. We hope that in providing these learning opportunities our studnets will better be prepared for emergencies and have the confidence needed to manage not only emergencis, but also everyday situations that may arise in their individual lives. 

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Principal Scott 

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Volume 10, Issue 5, Posted 4:56 PM, 05.10.2018