Highlights from Listen. Act. Win. Action!

On Tuesday evening Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) held a highly successful 185-person, packed-house for the Listen-Act-Win education action at New Tech Collinwood school with CMSD CEO Eric Gordon.  

One of the big highlights from the action was that it was co-chaired with great skill by two 11th grade students from New Tech Collinwood, Charles Enoch and Cache' Stewart.  This was the first time GCC have had young people fully lead a major action. There was also spoken word and rap performances from the students of New Tech Collinwood. 

Mr. Gordon committed to work with GCC on several important issues at New Tech Collinwood: 

  • Help to beautify the school building by engaging corporate partners to paint the school.  Also, create a new mural and make other needed spot-changes to the building, such as the bathrooms.  
  • Increase access to healthy food options throughout the day, such as a fruit cart, and create a salad bar-like options in the cafeteria.
  • Connect New Tech students to the CMSD summer paid apprenticeship program and year-round job opportunities. 

We would like to thank the our scholars, GCC and CEO Gordon for their support of New Tech Collinwood! 

Sharon Kidd-Lewis

At New Tech Collinwood, students have access to the latest technology for every lesson, every day. Students develop 21st Century skills while conducting research, collaborating with classmates, sharing ideas and completing projects. New Tech Collinwood's approach to preparing you for work and college is a model that has proven to help students learn who they are and how they can be successful in school and in life through: integrated classes that show you how to use knowledge from different content areas to solve complex real-world problems. a foundation of trust, respect and responsibility. a class code of conduct developed by you and your classmates. a culture of collaboration where students hold themselves and each other accountable for success. a sense of ownership on the part of each student for setting, and meeting, high expectations throughout the high school experience.

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 3:11 PM, 07.05.2018