Councilman's Corner

What a great last half of the summer we have had so far. I want to thank all the neighborhood groups, organizations and individuals who have been so supportive of all our Summer activities and events. My sincere appreciation to Ms. Erin Randel who was instrumental in putting together the Collinwood “Scoop on Summer Guide,” which lists all of our neighborhood events and programs throughout the summer, and the “Scoop on Collinwood” our online version for year-round activities, meetings and events.  I am not aware of any other neighborhood in the City that has such an extensive printed brochure promoting their community followed up with a website.  All of us should be very proud of what Erin has done for our community.

As I reported last month, work on the historic Euclid Beach pier project has proceeded as well as I could have ever expected.  The concrete pier deck has been poured. Nerone & Sons, the Contractor, is working on the access sidewalks and appurtenances. Unless there is a dramatic negative change in the weather this project should be done well before the snow flies. My sincere appreciation, once again, to our partners, the Cleveland MetroParks, who have worked closely with us. The community and I look forward to a continued working relationship on future capital projects for Euclid Beach, Villa Angela Beach and Wildwood Park.  My goal is to make these three parks the destination place for lakefront recreation on Cleveland’s northeast side.

Speaking of successes, what a wonderful Euclid BeachLIVE concert series we had this year. There were record turnouts for many of the Friday Night concerts and I am looking forward to working with MetroParks on next year’s lineup.  Stay tuned for future announcements for not only the concert series but additional activities and programs. Congratulations, also to East Shore Park Club, Coronado Beach Association and Beachland Park Association for their outstanding concert series, as well.

As I reported last month, I continue to work with U.S. Marshall, Pete Elliott and the Law Enforcement Team he assembled to zero in on felony warrants and to target juveniles involved in violent street crimes.  My sincere thanks to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OHP) for their efforts in supporting this round-up. Through their action alone, numerous individuals were arrested and contraband, guns and drugs throughout the 4th and 5th Police Districts seized.  A long time former Chief of Police once told me that, “basic policing starts with neighborhood patrols and traffic enforcement.” Somehow over the years that has fallen by the wayside and if we are going to reclaim and set the tone in our neighborhoods across the city we have got to get back to basic policing. Operation CLE only reinforced that to me, having been a part of the planning from the beginning. Let’s hope and urge the Cleveland Police Command Staff to embrace this holistic approach in dealing with law enforcement and violent street crime.

As I reported in our ward-wide newsletter, the Ward 8 Citizen, there has been a major development at Collinwood Nottingham Villages Development Corporation (CNVDC), who’s Board has voted to enlarge their service territory to incorporate the entire greater Collinwood community including the Euclid-Green neighborhood.  Their expanded mission will be to focus on housing development and to improve & develop our commercial districts, as well as other “quality-of-life” services.

When you look at the top performing development corporations in the city – what is the common denominator?  It is community participation, specifically engaged and talented Board Members who bring expertise and passion toward the betterment of their community.  If CNVDC is to be successful in this broader vision it can only happen with the greater participation of the community as a whole. I learned a long time ago, I cannot do this job alone without the help of my constituents.  That is a fact. The Board and Staff of CNVDC are in a likewise position. They need your help and support. Become an active member. They may be reached at (216) 383-9772 or email, Jamar Doyle, Executive Director,

On the issue of activism, as you all know I urge our residents to turn in problems and issues into the proper authority as they may arise in the neighborhood, whether they be the Police or City Services. As we enter September, it is only a matter of time before we are confronted by that nasty (four-letter word) called SNOW.  Now is the time to make sure all pot holes are filled, all streetlights are fixed and any vehicle that hasn’t moved on your street, have been turned in. If you see water running, even a trickle, call it in; for, that trickle can become a major leak in the street if not addressed. As always, you can call the mayors Action Center at (216) 664-2900 or the various departments and divisions as listed on my “Dial-A-Number” cards.  What is even easier, please just call 3-1-1 to report any service related issue.

As I mentioned, Autumn is right around the corner and with the changes in the season there are a number of events coming up:

*Holy Redeemer’s Clambake and Lamb Roast is Sunday, September 8,

for tickets call (216) 531-3313;

*St. Mary’s Clambake is Sat., September 15, for tickets call (216) 761-7740;

*VASJ All-Class Reunion Weekend is September 28-29, 2018, call VASJ for info.;

*St. Jerome’s 100th Centennial Celebration with Mass on Sunday, September 30 followed by their Annual Clambake, for info and tickets call (216) 486-3587;

*Remembering Euclid Beach Days, at the Park, Sunday, September 30;

* VASJ Clambake is Fri., October 19th for tickets call Fred at (216) 481- 633-0692;

*St. Casimir’s Clambake is Sat., October 27, for tickets call (216) 481-3157; *

I encourage you to support our community non-profits.  As always, I may be reached at my office at (216) 664-4236 or by email at  I look forward to seeing you in the community.


Michael D. Polensek

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 12:19 PM, 09.07.2018