Waterloo Makes Music: Tower Music Series


Friday October 5th 6 -8 PM. features The Brave Girls and Istvan Medgyesi.

The Brave Girls are a nihilistic lo-fi folk band sometimes featuring the following band members: Aaron Civil War, Andy Stibora, Lisa Piccolo Stronzo, Eric Schulte, and Jason Weiner. Jeff Niesel of Scene shared this about why you should hear Brave Girls: "This Is a Dangerous Song" benefits from a bluesy guitar riff as Aaron Civil War softly sings, "I will never be cruel to you/that's not how I am." "Let's Get Tested" features a grunge-y guitar riff that sounds like something Dinosaur Jr's J. Mascis might unleash. The somber "Made It Worse" references a relationship on the brink. "In a disagreement with a wife or significant other, you get to a point where nothing is getting better," says Aaron Civil War when asked about the song. "The conversation goes downhill fast. That's what it's about." Aaron Civil War and Lisa Ellis Schafer harmonize well together on the ballad, "This Ain't Nashville," a tune about being a musician in Cleveland. "It has these classic country themes in it and it pokes fun at itself," Aaron Civil War says of the song. "Lisa is amazing. She's like the secret sauce in the band."

Istvan Medgyesi is a singer-songwriter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Medgyesi is inspired by a wide range of music, and you can hear the echoes of an array of American musical traditions intertwined with modal explorations and occasional forays into noise and drone.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 8:10 AM, 10.14.2018