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Monday and Tuesday, go to the Young Playwrights performances at Waterloo Arts. Eat Citizen Pie's calzones and Callaloo's grilled chicken and Bonn Rassavong's Hokkido bread sandwiches.

At Praxis   Praxis
‘A Commonplace' - Opening Feb 1, 6-9pm. Closing reception March 1st, 6-9pm
A show of fiber and paper works by Melina Bishop from Portland, Oregon, and Cleveland artists Rebekah Wilhelm and Ash Fiasco.
Tie-Dye Fun with FOEC   Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM or call 440-605-1543 and please include your shirt size.
CityMusic Friday, February 15,  6:30 p.m.
Studios for Rent
AT THE BEACHLAND     Beachland
The 9th Annual Sweetheart Showcase – Broadway       Friday February 8
Ohio Burlesque is bringing a fun Broadway-themed burlesque show to the Beachland. Reserved seating is available, and cabaret VIP tables will be on sale January 10th.
Concert for Truth - Plain Dealer News Guild   Saturday February 9
 Tickets off sale. Alex Bevan, Rachel Brown, Michael Stanley, Austin Walkin' Cane, Diana Chittester, Leonardo DiCosimo, Afi "I Play Bass" Scruggs, Tony Erba, Dr. Joe and the Squeeze Play, Colin Dussault, John Handy, Brent Kirby, Ray Flanagan. All proceeds will benefit Local 1 of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild and its Plain Dealer union members.
Northeast Ohio Drum & Music Jam – February 21
At BRICK Ceramic: Love After Babylon Friday, February 1;  Free Ceramics Classes for Kids BRICK
At Classics Bar and Grill
The Gold Building . . . .Will Rise Again!
STAR POP vintage + modern: Barbie Dolls!
Free Housing Clinic February 6
Free Foto Class at the Rec Center
Humphrey Popcorn Is Back in the Neighborhood
The Standard Bistro has changed owners.
At GamerHaven: Resume Pros and Wine Down Wednesdays
Youth Poetry Slam Finals at CPT   Sunday, February 3 
Polka Hall of Fame Ball       Friday, February 15
2019 Zerolandfill Dates
Collinwood Takes MLK Day Seriously
Give Box - Cleveland
UpStage Players “The  Lion King “   March 22, 23, 24 and 25
At the Libraries
At the Market
The Lake Erie Folk Fest    February 23
 The Gold Building . . . .Will Rise Again!
You can’t tell by looking, but progress is being made (if you peer very closely, you’ll see that some of the windows are no longer covered by gold paint; that’s because work has started on the inside). The roof is patched and the gutters and downspouts set up to take water away from the building. Electricity should be installed any day, water is in process. Mike is working with an architect and engineer on a permit set of plans to address the renovation.  Some units are being cleaned out, and a sort of "model suite" will be set up soon.
What is even more invisible is the effort it took to save the building from being torn down. Talks. More talks. Phone calls. Emails. A walk-through. More talks. Thank you, Councilman Polensek, Mike McBride, Jamar Doyle and Amy Callahan, and finally Gus Frangos of the Land Bank, for going on talking till you got it figured out. The Land Bank has released the Gold Building to CNVDC, which will sell it to Mike McBride, a neighborhood developer with a great record and even greater patience. If you know a maker or a business who yearns for space on Waterloo, put them in touch with McBride in a month or so, when the model suite is ready.
STAR POP vintage + modern
The creator and producer of Netflix's The Toys That Made Us, Brian Volk-Weiss, visited Cleveland's STAR POP vintage + modern and picked up some vintage toys for his personal collection! We had a great time talking toys with him and we're definitely looking forward to season three of the show. We just put out a ton of vintage magnets at Cleveland's STAR POP vintage + modern. Most of the magnets were souvenirs from cities and states around the USA, but there's other fun stuff mixed in as well. We did markdowns on almost all of our existing magnets before we added this new stuff. Most, but not all, of the magnets are either $0.50, $1, or $2 each.
We have almost eighty Barbie dolls in stock (do I detect a note of panic? 80 Barbies coming alive at midnight?) that are between $4 and $10! That's not counting the other six shelves of dolls, organized by price, so that it is easy to stay on budget, or to find a real treasure! Valentine's Day is approaching and we definitely have some great gift worthy dolls in stock! The dolls in the photo are $10 each.
Free Housing Clinic  February 6
6 – 8 pm at the Rec Center. Judge Ronald J H O’Leary will cover landlord and tenant rights, eviction, programs for homeowners, purchasing vacant homes and many other issues. A long list of other city agencies will also be on hand. For details, go to; the Rec Center event is the first on the 2019 list.

Humphrey Popcorn Is Back in the Neighborhood
The  Humphrey Popcorn shop at the LaSalle will hold a grand opening on January 26; expect many popcorn flavors and lots of vintage photos. Hours will be Tuesday-Friday 11-5; Saturday 11-2.

  At the Market
On the day of the Big Blizzard (otherwise known as Cleveland in winter), I got butter, eggs, cheese and coffee at the market, while passing up apples, spinach, salad greens, tiny potatoes and – a lot of other stuff. Kevin and Andrew, meanwhile, were getting ready to discourse of fried chicken. More demo’s coming up:
February 9th tamales
February 23rd pretzels /bagels
March 9th sausage and corned beef
March 23rd mozzarella and paneer
March 30th French toast breakfast
April 13th pasta
April 20th natural egg dying


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