An Offer NOT Too Good to Be True

The Cleveland Public Library has a great hook to pull people in.  With a valid library card a patron is allowed to check out a family pass to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  The pass admits 6 people to the wonders of the museum for FREE. (Children 2 and under are always admitted free.)

 We went on a cold weekday. There were school groups and families with small children.  It wasn’t too crowded.

In the new Perkins Wildlife Center and Woods garden there were definitely more animals and birds on display than people watching them. The raven likes to say “Blackjack”  when you have your back turned. When you turn around and repeat his name, he ignores you. The river otters are thriving in their icy water. For some years there were none in Ohio.  The reintroduction of this species has been successful. At last count there were 8,000 going about their playful lives in local creeks and rivers.

Inside the Andy Warhol nature prints showed endangered species’ personalities in the artist’s iconic style. The jaw dropping abilities of plants and animals are on display at the Biomechanics exhibit.  The interactive displays show the evolution of nature’s engineering feats. Birds who create a distinctive noise by clapping their wings at a speed much faster that the wings of a hummingbird beat to attract a mate, and an explanation of why White Tailed deer in Florida are small but the same species is gets bigger and bigger as it lives farther away from the equator. are just two of the marvels unveiled.

 Please get yourself over to your nearest branch of the Cleveland Public Library and check out something to read, watch or listen to.  If you are lucky, there may still be a pass available. They are limited and go fast.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 2:52 PM, 03.10.2019