Where were you in 62? or 65? or 72? or 78?

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  •   1972, the year Mark Spitz swam for the Gold 7 times at the Olympics, digital watches and hand-held scientific calculators came out, Atari released PONG, the Watergate scandal was in the news and these lovely people graduated from St. Jerome.

  • We know where these folks were in 62, We hope they will all be back at St. Jerome on April 27th at 4pm for the reunion!  Help us find them!

  • 1964 was agood year for sports at St. Jerome.  Who remembers playing football for Coach Kovacic?

  • In 1966 the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were all over the radio.  You  could buy a typical new home for about $12,000 and a new car for under $3000.  And at 0.32 cents a gallon you could afford to go cruising in it.

  • If any of these 1970 grads got $100 for their graduation, or earned it over the summer it would be equivalent to $517.65 in todays dollars. 

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