YCN RAY young hot rapper on the rise from cleveland

YCN RAY young hot rapper on the rise

Q How long have you been rapping? And what made you wanna start rapping?

A Since I wa little like real young but I only been taking it serious for like a couple months now ,and wanting to be somebody I wanted a name.

Q. So how did you get into this like did you just bust out a freestyle somewhere , and your Bros heard you, and was damn man you need to do this rapping thing or did you just wake up one morning and was like i'm about to start doing this, and found a studio and just start recording?  How was the actually start process?

A .Really just watching with all the money just made me write a song , I showed the song to my cousin, and he told me I need to take it serious

Q .There's a lot of people in Cleveland making music what are you doing, or going to do that's making you stand out from everyone ? whats makes you so different?

A. I feel like my sound is different , and my work ethic make me different

Q. Who are your music influences?

A. Nba youngboy

Nba youngboy is a upcoming rapper from baton rouge louisiana, I asked ycnray why he’s a fan of Nba Youngboy ? he speaks on what I go through, and success motivates me to go get it

Q What do you think the best way to get your music out to the audience? And do you like collabing, or just doing solo tracks with no features?

A. Being consistent ,showing them Im gone be here for a while, and not stopping, and I like doing solo tracks with no features

Q. Do you feel there's a life span in this music game ? Like do you feel you can rap for 5 years to 10 years, or do you have something else in in mind with your music if it slows down after a few years?

A. I feel if i blow up this year or next I shouldn't be rapping for more than 7 to 10 years I should be rich signing my own artists, and I wanna write movies, I believe artists should expand their horizons

Q. What's the fun part about making music and what are the difficulties parts?

A. The fun part about making music is the girls the money you know all that difficult part about it is you never know what someone around you what like they could be pretending to love you but really there for what I got

Q. A Lot of people think artists can't get any support here in cleveland especially if your a local artist have you noticed that with yourself, or others ?

A. Naw I feel I can get the support from my city imma different artist.

Q. Do you prefer physical mixtapes are streaming your mixtapes?

A. I like streaming like on youtube I think youtube is the best platform

Q. On a chill relax day what do you like to d0 ?

A. The studio being in the Studio getting high with my bros

Q. What do you think the best weed is ?

A OG purp

Q. Who has the best studio in cleveland ?

A.  I record 216 is the studio Dario Baker is the founder

Q. What's your favorite Jordans shoe

A. The jordan 12s

Q. Would you rather be a independent artist or have a deal?

A. I don't know fr , I just want to have a lot of money

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