A Spiritual Journey to the Real You

Have you ever asked yourself this question  WHY AM I HERE?

Daily challenges, more then you think you can handle, disappointments that block joy are only one side of the human experience.  A coin was not flipped to see if you were to be served a silver spoon or a rusty nail through each lifetime.  Your personal and group soul plan provides a guide to greater awareness.  Learning to forgive and move forward in love brings the greatest rewards.

We truly are Spiritual Beings, learning about our higher Self, through the human experience.  Each lifetime, brings us closer and closer to our TRUE purpose.  Lessons learned from previous lifetimes strengthens inner wisdom to guide life choices that are rewarding to all.  Everyone is both a student and a teacher capable of lifting all of humanity.

In a higher consciousness, we are one soul, from one source, here for one purpose.  Each of us must discover the pathway to finding this joy from within, this spark of Divinity that is ever present and ever powerful.  As this awareness is strengthen, a true purpose unfolds.  Entering the world of possibilities is exciting.  Stretching into the unknown, zestfully using gifts and talents, results in answering the first question.

Create your journey through the Path of Light teachings.  Join us at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics, 21933 Euclid Avenue, Euclid to support greater awareness through the metaphysical, astrological and numerology classes we offer.  Call today.  216-486-7240 or www.rishisinstituteofmetaphysics.com

Annette Tabar

Annette Tabar is a retired mental health social worker, counselor. She is a Reiki Master and practitioner of integrative therapies and has taught metaphysics for over 5 years at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics.

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 2:55 PM, 03.30.2019