Third Grade Fun!

                April is a busy month for the Third Graders at Saint Jerome Elementary School.  During this month we will be preparing for the Ohio State Reading test and MAP tests.  We will be working towards mastering all of the skills that make us successful readers.  On top of test preparation, we will be reading a novel called How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell.  We will use those skills we have been practicing in Reading to really get deep into the book!  We will even look at Earth Worms and learn about the interesting creature.
                Everyone loves bubbles! Since we all love bubbles, we are going to be preparing for the Saint Jerome Science Fair that is happening in May by completing a Bubble Investigation based on The Scientific Method.  The students will be answering the question, Does the surface that a bubble lands on affect how long it takes for the bubble to pop?  They will be testing this experiment using different types of variables:  wax paper, construction paper, plastic trays, aluminum foil, etc.  The students will complete the experiment, graph their findings and then interpret the data. They will then create a Tri-Fold board to share their test results with other students.
                In Math, we will be studying area and perimeter and use our knowledge to complete a Project Based Learning assignment that will allow them to use what they know and see how it can be used in the real world with a real world problem.  Their problem will be to create a Sport’s Complex.  They will have to create areas for people to walk, bleachers, the field, etc. that could be a design for a real sport’s park. This is an engaging unit and will help the students to master the skills of area and perimeter and also see how it relates to real life scenarios.

Sarah Lyons

3rd Grade Teacher at Saint Jerome Elementary

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 2:55 PM, 03.30.2019