Childish Hippie Cleveland music artist

Childish Hippie is a upcoming music artist in Cleveland, I had a chance to interview him and learn the artist they call Childish Hippie

Q: When did you start getting in to music, and what made you wanna get into music?

A:  I started officially rapping at 15 yrs old , I always like music but never took it seriously for real.

Q: What do you think makes you stand out from other artists from Cleveland. Lately Cleveland is getting a lot of talent with music artists.

A: What makes me different from these other artist is me, and my team we really do the things we rap about, like I'm telling a real life story for my audience to get a picture of what I’m trying to show them, I like creating music! I'm just a real artist.

Q: With music? Everyday thinking of creative content to put out. What's the tough part all doing music, and what's the fun part of it?

A: The tough part of doing music for me is the Police and court cases. I am fighting court cases and that's a huge distraction for me because I’m trying to focus on my music and making a career out of it. The fun part is going to the studio with a creative story and getting it to the world to hear and hearing it at parties. I love music!! I want to make millions , I see myself doing music for a while. I’m fresh 18 yrs of age and this a new chapter of my life to take about. 

Q: What do you think the best way to get out here as an artist?

A: Best way to get out here is keep doing features with other people locally, and other states and the other thing is to be consistent and constantly dropping.

Q: When you not doing music what is a chill day for you like?

A: I like talking and catching up on things with life, and hanging with my friends.

Q: Now when you saying you don't be constantly dropping. Why don't you think that is, and what can you do to make that better?

A: The reason is I still trapped in these streets I’m not even going to lie to you for this interview. I didn't even know I was going to get into music like this I was trying to do sports like basketball, and football. I felt the system was holding me back so if it was something i know i could do and enjoyed to do it was my music. Sometimes I be thinking about going back to the streets but going well in with this music is more important to me.

Q: How do you feel about the whole thing about an artist being independent or being signed?

A: For real being independent is good, all the money is going thru you, and you control it. I wouldn't want to be signed cause I don't want people telling what and how to do everything with me, and my music.

you can follow childish hippie on Instagram @childish_hippie

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