A Spiritual Journey to the Real You

Have you heard the call to freedom?   What does it sound like?  How does it feel?  Are you able to tap into the wisdom of your heart and soul to know your true life path.

We celebrate a national holiday this month and for each of us on our own journey to knowing SELF, it means something different.  Does it mean that you no longer wish to dwell in darknes, despair or desperation?  But desire to wake up, rise up and take on a joy-filled life even when days are dark and the soul is in shadows.  Refuse to participate in your own oppression.  Be Free.  Say "no" to doubt and fear of change.

It is your choice to renew yourself.  With each breath you take you make a choice to live in truth of who you are and what you want from life.  Learn to forgive, let go and move on.  Give birth to your fullest soul expression of peace, joy and prosperity in all things.  Choose to believe in your creative powers and the willingness of the universal life force to help you achieve success.  Change your beliefs, change your behaviors and change your life!

The Rishis Institute of Metaphysics, Euclid, OH has weekly classes in conscious living.  Understanding the Law of Cause and Effect and supporting choices with the guidance of numerology and astrology can make a positive difference.  Call. 216 486-7240 or visit our website www.rishisinstituteofmetaphysics.com

Annette Tabar

Annette Tabar is a retired mental health social worker, counselor. She is a Reiki Master and practitioner of integrative therapies and has taught metaphysics for over 5 years at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics.

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 12:36 PM, 07.07.2019