The Art of Spiritual Bathing

Life has fast tracked us to complete tasks and even life itself at a break neck pace that leaves us tire worn out and often overwhelmed the need to have to start before  every moment of our life documented for all the world to see. However, what if there is was a way to slow that pace down and rejuvenate not only our skin but also out soul? Their actually is such a process Its called spiritual bathing and their is a unique art to it that allows people personalize and make the process their own.

Spritual bathing has been around for for centuries, some of the most celebrate cultures revere the art of bathing such as the Japenese with their bath houses that allow one to bath in the hot springs of some of the most mineral rich lands to the tibetans who using th art of spritual bathing to prepare themselves for higher planes of spirtual elevation by combining spices, herbs and cleansing oils. As you can see Spritual bathing is not new- it just hadn't beocme a widely held practice. 

Americans have bene conditioned to think that cleansing the body should be a rushed process- a chore of you will to get to something that you want to do. With wellness fast becoming one of the fastest grownig industries - it is no wonder many people are looking fo ways to create a break from technology and daily life stressors. 

Creating a spirtual bath may sound like it is a long hard complicated process. However, nothing could be further fromt he truth. Spirtual bathing could simply start with a foot bath that includes detoxifying floral soaks with exotic minerals- some relazing music and a journal. In fact this what I oftne recommend to people when they tell me they want to learn how to take a spiritual bath. The feet are a great way to start before full making the decision to fully commit to doing a full body bath. 

Soakng your feet is probably something you saw your grand parents do. However, there is a reason why it was done ritualistically and that is to clear the body of energy drain through the feet by strengthening the energy we concentrate in our feet and also caring for the skin. They say if you take care of your feet they will take of you. 

One way to make a spirtual (foot) bath a wonderful experience is too take the time to choose the right tools for you to use. There really is no right or wrong tool to use. I always say that if it makes you feel good use it. I personally use a floral soaking blend that includes imported mineral rich dead sea salt - dried floral petal blend., and my own proprietary mix of scents that I layer for a lasting experience. Once I gathered my soaps and scents, I also set my phone to play a little India Arie or a gospel song that I feel led to play. I light a sanctuary candle and get into the water  and relax, Allowing my mind to take in how I am feeling, and letting any negative thoughts wash over me and be relased as I open my heart to receive love from my faith. 

Sound appealing doesn't it. If you would like to find out more on how to incorparate the art of spritual bathing then join me at Cleveland Public Library August 28th 2019 for a complientary 45 minute session. I promise you won't feel the same way you came in. That should always put a smile on our face. 

Isabelle Grace, works with individuals to help them restablish a real world connection to themselves and their source. She can be found on IG providing tips and tools to help you reconnect with life. Follow @shopsweetea. 

Issie Li

My name is Isabelle Grace but I go by Lady Grace, I make natural spiritually meditative baths that help heal the senses. I've been in my field since 2002. So I have a lot of experience in helping people find a bathing ritual that fits them. follow me @shopsweeteas

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