Councilman's Update

It has been a productive summer in many ways. However, we are still dealing with some long standing issues. I want to thank everyone, first of all, who have supported any of the community activities this summer. 

Some issues are still hampering our efforts though, and the City’s Administration, for some reason, unexplainable at best, refuses to deal issue with the illegal dirt bikes and ATV’s roaming our streets city-wide. Why the Command Staff is unwilling to enforce the basic traffic code is mindboggling. When you see packs of riders with no license plates going through red lights, stop signs, driving through yards and threatening motorists city-wide. You have to ask yourself, if the CPD brass cannot enforce the basic traffic laws then what can they enforce? Time has come to lay down the law, confiscate the illegal bikes and prosecute the riders before an individual or family is injured or killed. Excuses are not cutting it anymore.  Just enforce the law for Pete’s Sake.

Talking about traffic, I want to thank Director John Picuri, of ODOT District 12, in getting the I-90 ramps opened at East 185th Street / Neff Road.  The closure had caused a major problem for businesses and residents alike.  We understand that from time to time work has to be done on the interstate but hopefully, in the future, they will come up with a better game plan in making sure that the contractors move at a much quicker pace. For, I am told that the I-90 Bridge over East 152 Street will be coming up in the near future for replacement. Let’s hope that there is a better plan in place.

I really want to thank Kenny Crumpton at Fox 8 for an outstanding job in hosting Season 3 of “Chain Reaction” program several mornings each week. Eighteen (18) businesses have submitted proposals to expand or relocate into the Greater Collinwood community.  My sincere appreciation to the Greater Collinwood Development Corporation, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress (CNP) and JumpStart for their support and engagement in supporting local businesses. We will know shortly who the finalists will be with the hope we will see additional business investment in Collinwood. Once again, thank you to all.

Thanks is in-store, once again, as well, to our friends and partners at the Cleveland MetroParks.  The new swing and bike rack shelter is up and complete which was constructed just east of the Concession Stand at Euclid Beach.  I am planning on meeting with MetroParks this fall to discuss additional capital improvements to all three of our three parks as we move into next year. I am not about to take my eye off the radar for our neighborhood’s goal is to make these parks the best they can be. Watch for future announcements.

The complete rebuilding of the Mark Tromba Pool and Playground in the Collinwood Village neighborhood is nearing completion as well. This $1.5 Million dollar project is set to be rededicated sometime in early September.  The work on the new Walgreens at 16100 Lakeshore Boulevard is well under way.  Opening is set, as we are being told, for the end of September.  If the weather holds they should be able to keep that deadline. Work is under way on the $15 million Marcella Road Sewer WPC project. Watch for detours and the construction workers.  In addition, watch for children at Intergenerational School between Marcella and Neff Road. I ask for your diligence and patience here.  On that note all schools are open in the neighborhood.  Drive carefully and be aware of children crossing streets.


Finally, I want to thank everyone, above all the parents and family members, who joined with us for the official dedication of the new Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 9:00 AM.  My sincere appreciation to Janet Voinovich and all the members of the Voinovich family who joined us for this very special day.  The new library and media center has been named in their honor due to their ongoing support for this wonderful school that meant so much to George and Janet and their late daughter, Molly, who was a student at OH Perry.  I wish to also thank all the members of the Community Advisory Team for their work over the past several years on making sure that the new school was designed and built to the highest new tech standards for any preK-8 school in the city. Thanks again to all.

Congratulations to St Jerome’s Catholic Church on their 100th Anniversary in service to the Collinwood community.  It was so gratifying to see to many people help to celebrate this milestone. The Collinwood Slovenian Home on Holmes Avenue in the Collinwood Village neighborhood also celebrated their 100th Anniversary of dedicated service to the Slovenian and Collinwood community.  God bless each of these institutions with continued dedicated supporters so that we may carry on the traditions our ancestors sacrificed so much for.  It is my hope that the rest of our community supports them as well.  

As always, I may be reached at my office at (216) 664-4236 or via email at

Michael D. Polensek

Councilman, Ward 8



Michael D. Polensek

Resident of neighborhood since 1956. Worked on East 185th street since 1970.

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 5:20 PM, 09.08.2019