Fifth Grade News

These students were using the Scientific Method for this activity.

The fifth grade at St. Jerome's school will be learning some neat things in science class this year.  We have started out with the Scientific Method in the beginning of the year.  We did an activity called The Cat in the Bag activity which helped the students go through the steps of the Scientific Method.  In this activity, they moved from one table to the next trying to figure out what object was in the bag.  They drew what they thought the object was and then wrote a description of the object.  Science is just like this.  The answers to our questions are hidden and we have to go through the process and experiment to find the answers.  

In Reading class we have been reading about naturalists like John Audubon, John Muir and Rachel Carson.  We read a story about Teddy Roosevelt and how this one president set aside more land than any other president for us to enjoy the beauty that he saw when he went camping with John Muir.  He was so impressed with Muir's strong opinion about preserving land for National Parks.

We hope that everyone at St. Jerome's School has a very successful school year.

Marilyn Ottato

Miss Ottato

St. Jerome School

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Volume 11, Issue 10, Posted 10:23 AM, 10.06.2019