Collinwood High School the New Look

The city of Cleveland should try and fix up the Collinwood High School so that the people of Collinwood have a place to send their kid for programs and learning programs. The school should be saved as a piece of history. Fix up the school to house arts offices and other things that would help the area to grow. Also try and fix up the police station and fire dept as well. I think there is a lot of growth for homes to be rehabbed and all people can come back to the area. Mike Polensik should look into this idea and see if they can be done. The history of Cleveland lies in its neighborhoods and the people who have been there for years. Let’s try and move to bring back this area and work to get it back, so all walks of life can find their place in Collinwood.

vincent DEOREO

my name is vincent I just try and make diffrents

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Volume 11, Issue 12, Posted 6:21 PM, 12.02.2019