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SJN Students at the aquarium.

I’ve been at SJN for two decades now, first as a teacher, and now as Principal. I’ve seen the school go through many transformations, and I’m proud of where we are and where we are going. The most common question I get as Principal is “Why should we go to Nottingham?” Well, here we are: the Top Ten Reasons to Attend St. John Nottingham Lutheran School.

1. HISTORY. St John Nottingham is one of the oldest continually-operating parochial schools in Ohio, having opened in 1892 when the area wasn’t even part of Cleveland. It was a small farming village named Nottingham. Over the last 120+ years, SJN has continued to be a central figure in the East Cleveland area, heavily involved in education, community service, and worship. Coming to SJN, you would be joining that long history.

2.  FAITH. St. John Nottingham is, first and foremost, a school based on faith in Jesus Christ, His teachings, and the Word of God. Coming to SJN, you will be joining that faith community.

3. EXPERIENCE. St. John Nottingham may be traditional, but it’s a tradition based on more than 12 decades of experience. More than half of the teaching staff at SJN have 20+ years of direct classroom experience. The Senior Pastor has been serving the school for more than half a century. Coming to SJN, you will be benefitting from that experience.

4.DEDICATION. St. John Nottingham faculty and staff are some of the most dedicated and committed educators I have ever worked with. They consistently put in the extra mile to help every student and family that needs it. Coming to SJN, you will be on the receiving end of that dedication.

5. INNOVATION. St. John Nottingham is not stuck in the past, despite our long history. We are constantly seeking new and better ways of teaching, integrating technology, and assisting students with navigating the complex and at times bewildering social environment of school. Coming to SJN, you will be part of that continuous innovation.

6. FLEXIBILITY. St. John Nottingham, as an independent school of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, is not controlled by some far-off regulatory body. That means that parents get to speak directly with the people who make the final decisions, and issues and accommodations can be worked out quickly and efficiently. Coming to SJN, you will be a part of that local flexibility.

7. ACCREDITATION. St. John Nottingham is fully accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Association, an accrediting body recognized by the State of Ohio as exceeding the actual requirements of the State to operate a school. Coming to SJN, you will enjoy that increased academic rigor.

8. OPPORTUNITIES. St. John Nottingham offers many, ever-changing opportunities for our students. Some, like our championship basketball and volleyball teams, are offered every year, and others are offered as student interest indicates, from chimes choir to Latin clubs, hobby clubs, academic competitions, and more. SJN uses its flexibility to offer what students want, not just what we think they want. Coming to SJN, you will have the opportunity to help shape these opportunities.

9.  INVOLVEMENT. St. John Nottingham encourages parents and families to become as involved as possible with the school and worship. Many of our coaches and support personnel are drawn from parents and families. But SJN also knows that many families are very busy, so we do not require extensive involvement. We just encourage it! Coming to SJN, you will able to be as involved in the school as you have time for.

10. JESUS CHRIST. It always comes down to this St. John Nottingham is a place where our Lord and Savior is ALWAYS first and foremost. Coming to SJN, you will be joining that Christ-centered community.

David Peck

Principal of St. John Nottingham Lutheran School

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Volume 12, Issue 1, Posted 5:13 PM, 01.12.2020